The glorious, wonderful and overwhelming opportunities of Christ

This isn't really a "post" per say. This isn't a thesis delivered through stories, quotes, or persuasion. This isn't a study, inviting us to dive deeper into an aspect of God's truth or character. This is more a collection of phrases and thoughts from the last few days. 

One of the most moving and amazing things God has shown me over the last few days is the work and person of Christ in what he did. 

Often we think of Christ Jesus in terms of what he didn't do

Christ didn't sin (2 Corinthians 5:21).

So all the sins that we are daily, weekly, monthly, familiar with experiencing and committing, Christ abstained from those things. He never submitted to a tempting thought. He never spoke evil. He never did any act which betrayed the Father's righteous standard. 

Often we think about Christ in these terms, what he avoided, fought against, and ultimately didn't do

Yet the thought that has grown in me in prayer is the thought of what Christ actively did do. Christ relentlessly committed every thought, every word, and every deed he did to the glory of God the Father. 

While Christ didn't do any of the things we often are guilty of doing, Christ also did do all the things we are often guilty of not doing. 

In other words, he never missed an opportunity. He never let a conversation go without speaking as he should. He never let someone pass by whom he was supposed to engage with. He never allowed evil to propagate without himself having a perfect response. 

In all his being he lived with a perfect record. That perfect record means more than abstinence from evil. It also means a life lived with every second of every moment filled with utter devoted obedience. With no deviation the Lord Jesus Christ spoke to every person he should have, and kept silent in every moment he should have. He never had to consider "should I have said more?" or "did I say too much?". 

Christ Jesus always fulfilled every moment with exactly who he was supposed to be, conducting himself in a manner worthy of God's admiration. 

What a glorious, wonderful, and overwhelming reality, that Christ was all he could be and should be in every moment.

And now he lives forever. Now he intercedes perfectly for his people in the presence of God the Father. He who did not miss an opportunity during his earthly life, does not miss an opportunity in his eternal glorious life. What a Christ we pray through!